The DUI Exception to the Constitution

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If you're looking for something to be pissed off about, look no further: The DUI Exception to the Constitution (DUI BLOG).

I'm not an apologist for people who drive while legitimately intoxicated and impaired. My uncle died in a car accident involving astronomical blood alcohol levels, and several of my family members have had their licenses revoked and even gone to jail for drunk driving, with levels of intoxication that should justify removing them from operating heavy (and dangerous!) machinery (like cars) in public places (like roads). But I don't care what your crime is - Miranda rights are not optional. Access to legal counsel should not be optional. Probable cause is there for a reason. The right to a jury trial should be damned near sacrosanct.

I don't drive drunk. I do sometimes go out and close a bar with friends, and limit myself to a drink or two early in the night so I can be well sure it's out of my system by the end. Based on the time of night I'm driving, I don't find it unlikely that I'll eventually be pulled over and checked. And I won't be cooperating with this legal farce; I won't submit to providing evidence that is both faulty and beyond question, I will demand to be informed of my rights, and I will demand presence of legal counsel.

I'll do that not because I'll be drunk, but because I give a shit about our Constitution.

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I can at least lay claim to the testament that you're a cheerful drunk. ;) I've never been...I don't think it'd be a good thing. I already tend to have hyperactive bouts of sunny cheerfulness followed by midnight choruses of Henry the Eighth.

Could you imagine?

Wow...what a powerful article...such scary food for thought, that is... :/

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