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Rio Reveals iPod Mini Slayer Remik writes "Rio has released a limited edition of its new hard drive based player called Carbon. Coming in lighter and denser (3.2oz with 5 GB of storage) than the Ipod Mini with the same price tag $249, twice the battery life, and nearly the same dimensions. Rio has only made 500 players available in the initial offering, so get one while they last. There's more info at cNet, Pocket Lint and Gizmodo. Highlights: Drag and drop file transfer, charging over USB and Janus compliance." [Slashdot]
iPod Mini Slayer? I have my doubts. A huge part of the charm of the iPod or the Mini is the integration with iTunes (note I said iTunes, not necessarily the ITMS); you plug it in, it goes. Plus, it's ugly. (That part, of course, being pure opinion.)

Subtle shift

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