Nothing is Immune…

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...from the politically-correct everyone-is-right-unless they're successful and particularly if they're the United States bullshit. Check out this page from my online workbook for my Spanish class (click thumbnail to see larger version):

POS Workbook

What's it say? Glad you asked. It asks to identify the country's citizens who could make the following claims. (Possible answers in parenthesis after the questions, correct answers bolded.)

  1. We have earned the World Cup in soccer. (Americans, Japanese, Brazilians)

  2. We have lost much of our territory and a big part of our primitive culture. (English, Russians, Native Americans)

  3. We have crossed the border to the north to work in the United States (of America). (Mexicans, Canadians, Russians)

  4. We have discovered faraway lands, like the New World. (Aztecs, Spanish, Africans)

  5. We have created forms of government, like democracy. (Italians, Greeks, Germans)

  6. We have invented various explosives, like fireworks. (Chinese, Portuguese, French)

  7. We have dropped an atomic bomb on another place. (Japanese, Russians, Americans)

  8. We have been part of an empire. (Costa Ricans, Romans, Guatemalans)

So... let me see if I can figure this out. The grand contribution of the United States has been dropping an atomic bomb, destroying our native populations by taking their land and primitive culture, and lazing while Mexicans come to work in our country.

Somebody, please shoot this textbook.

P.S. As I understand it, the following countries do not currently exist:

  • Native America

  • Aztekia Aztectaca?

  • Africa

  • Rome

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