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Nothing Like Free Money

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I decided to sign up over at Revolution MoneyExchange to nab the $25 sign-up bonus, which they're offering until May 15. The service allows you to email funds back and forth between friends. The sign-up process is quick; there is no hard credit-check against your credit report; they're backed by some serious financial heavies (Citi, Morgan Stanley, etc.). Google around a bit - they're legit. They want you to take this money, because it means another customer for them.

Hop on over and grab $25 - in the interest of full disclosure, they scoot me $10 when you sign up as well, but I'd be telling you to take the $25 either way. Like the title says: there is nothing at all like free money.
Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange


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As is pretty easy to see, Sperari has undergone a migration. I switched over from Wordpress to Movable Type Open Source, and I don't really see looking back. This is being posted from the iPhone interface, which is basically sex. (Apologies to anyone who winds up with repeats of posts in feed readers.)

Since I always understood MT's templating system better than WP's, I should theoretically be able to get this thing looking reasonable and Erica-ish soon, too.

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