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Sometimes I wonder how people get the idea that all of us in the midwest are crazy religious wingnuts. (1)

Oh, yeah:

What do you mean, inflammatory?

My question for the guy with the sign (2):

Is being submissive in bed adequate? ^_^

(1) Not to imply all religious people are wingnuts, of course. Just this guy. (2) Note: Not God.

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See, it's people like that that make me want to walk up to them, pentagrams blaring, and either say "Who gives a fuck?" or "My goddess loves you no matter how bigotted, hateful, and egotistical you are."

OOOhhh...or..."God is Love. And He's pissed about your sign..."

Yea, that whole thing made no sense what so ever. If I cant tell what the hell your stand is or what issue you are attempting to make a stand on, or if you are just out for a larf, then go home.

Maybe it was just me, but who were these people and why were they on campus today? It just confused and annoyed me. I am all for freedom of speech, but there were two things that ticked me off about these people...

1. The anti-abortion people abusing their children by bringing them to a protest. Shouldn't these kids be in school?! Damn, there are better ways to bring your bastard children up than to brainwash them into tools.

2. Lack of security. There were things thrown, spit spat, and it sure appeared blows were coming. There should have been police called. We need a good hippy beating by cops now and then.

The university had every right and an obligation under its own published policies to stop this "demonstration."

I did not pay particular attention to what these people actually said, but under nebraska 28-1322, they sure could have been charged with disturbing the peace... In State v. Broadstone, it was decided Provocative language consisting of profane, indecent, or abusive remarks directed to the person of the hearer may amount to a breach of the peace, and such language constitutes "fighting" words, which are not constitutionally protected forms of speech.

I would say that the sign alone could be seen by many as "fighting words."

Anywho, have a nice day.

What I love is how Muslims and Bhuddists get clustered at the top of the sign with Drunkards and porno freaks. (Argueably the milder offenses) but Mormons and Roman Catholics (Who are, at least, christian), are clustered down at the bottom with fornicators, adulterers... and /baby killers/.

The greatest evil comes from within, I suppose. :)

Yes He will judge me someday. He'll judge you, too. We're all going to get judged someday.

*shrug* That's fine, Kevin. I honestly don't object to the belief that God or anyone else is going to judge everyone, someday. I personally don't believe it, but I respect the belief for what it is.

The real issue I took with the sign is the arbitrary designations for who would be judged. They didn't list corrupt politicians, but they did list Roman Catholics. How about rapists? Aren't they worse than unsubmissive wives?

A better idea might have been to say that God will judge us all, like you said. It seems like rather than trying to make that point, he was trying to be deliberately inflammatory - get certain groups riled up.

Now, aside from honestly respecting even faiths which claim a judgemental God (in spite of not believing them myself), I do have some reservations regarding them. I find them logically inconsistent, for starters. That's not something I usually bring up with religious folks; I don't feel like arguing the point, but if you feel the urge to talk about your faith and to get a respectful outsider's opinion on it, I'll be around.

Just... wait until after classes. Homework's killing me. x_x

My feelings precisely. I just didn't feel like typing that much. (although maybe I should). And I'm not that eloquent.

And he would get "-1, Flamebait" so fast if he were on /.

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