Four things happened today.

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  1. A bum wandered into the TA office.
  2. I spent 9 hours working on my optics take-home test.
  3. Someone mysteriously left a bag of tortillas hanging on my doorknob.
  4. My mom was released from the hospital.

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Actually it's all related. See, the bum was comming to tell you about your mom, but fell asleep, as he did so he tripped and fell, the tortillas in his hand getting snagged on your doorknob, and then he tumbled the rest of the way, head over heels, until he landed in the seat and nocked himself unconscious on it. This process took the entire nine hours you were working. PROVE ME WRONG!!!! YAR!!!

1. What a bum!
2. NINE HOURS?! Good grief, woman...I can't do ANYTHING for nine hours!
3. Tortillas? I don't know if that's weird, bizarre, whimsical, or just nuts.
4. Good news indeed.

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