The OMG kitten.

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/What/, mom?
Originally uploaded by Erica Tesla.
Every comment I've gotten on our new kitten has involved the word(s?) omg, and some variant of 'cute'.

We agree.

Meet Nikolai - aka Neko, aka Kolya.

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okokok....I have to break "tradition" a bit and say.... ADORABLE! What eyes! :)

p.s. How do you do the photo captions? Consider me geek impaired at the moment... ;)

It's a cutie alright...what do Neal and.....umm......(name escapes me) think of the new addition to the family?

OMG! He's so fucking cute!! :-P

Followed the kitty to pictures of your new house! OMG - it's SO CUTE!!

heh heh heh.


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