Everyone’s got to have a hero (I guess)…

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Some guy is spending five months waiting 'in line' for Star Wars, and he's got a fan of his own. His fan, who almost certainly has a degree in literature or 18th century hygenic practices (or something equally useless) wrote him a letter. Excerpt:

Briefly: Jeff is not an attention-seeker or a local media hound, he will continue his wait with or without any recognition from the wider world; rather, Jeff is someone who, as odd as it may seem to conventional society, feels deeply motivated by the idea of "waiting" for things of value, and in a consumer driven, materialistic culture he sees as spiritually drained, this is where he's putting his time and energy down as a worthy investment. All Star Wars fans are moved by how these films capture mythic themes of heroism, discipline, and inner strength, but I would wager that very few of them have been as thoroughly transformed by these ideals as Jeff Tweiten.

So... wait. Let me get this straight. He's saying that Jeff is fighting the Evil Consumerist Voodoo Spirits (TM) by... standing in line for a movie that has an estimated budget of $115,000,000?

Look, I understand the guy's devotion, as a simple fan. Ok, maybe I don't quite. I understand standing in line for Ben Folds tickets overnight, or pre-ordering a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, or going to that special midnight first showing of Return of the King. I completely grok looking forward to something. But I don't understand waiting in an empty 'line' for five months for a movie that, given the last two, isn't going to be any good at all.

Sorry, Jeff. On the upside, it's clear that somebody thinks you're saving the world from the tyranny of the dark side er, consumerism.

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