Comments, Redux

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The reason everything looks so darned pretty around here is I upgraded WordPress. This lovely design came packaged with the 1.5-beta-1 nightly build I'm using.

I upgraded because I really hate not having comments turned on. Soooooo...

Comments are back on, but are time-limited: after two weeks, the comments on a post will automagically close. Hopefully, this will limit the amount of spam I get (experience would tend to support this working - most of the spam was on older posts.)

Have at it.

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Comments don't seem to work, actually. I posted one that said merely "woo" and nothing happend. Now, of course, if this one saying comments don't work works, well, that'll be amusing I suppose.

Ever notice how "suppose" and "suppository" have the same root? Hmm.

Looks very nice. I'm running the stable version of WordPress. I converted from Moveable Type and have been very happy with it. I've been getting spammed, too. I have comments moderation on, but it is sort of a hassle, because I have to manually throw the spam away. I haven't tried any of the spam plug-ins yet, but will probably get to that.

*waves to Erica*

Since installing this plug-in, I've not had to manually delete a single spam comment. Spam comments don't appear in your moderation queue, but are logged just in case.

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