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Three Divided

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Has this breath you take now Found heat, once, in my lungs? I found you in a spacecar I found you when it was all breaking. The child is lost, she is wandering in a world of broken glass that can never cut her. And here, there is still you, and me, we. This breath you take now has found heat, once in my lungs. I found you in my fear, my loathing; I found your silence saved me. Will these gestures we have made Be remembered when we need them? We whisper in the shade between We whisper where the old is now. She grows tall; she flourishes; Her dark hair has hints of gold that glimmer in the dark. And here, there is still you, and me, we. These gestures we have made will be remembered when we need them. We whisper in our guts, our sex; we whisper how we have found our we.
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