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Mac Mini

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Some people apparently think the Mac Mini is heralding the apocalypse, but I welcome it. I wouldn't mind having one here as a web server (that I didn't hate). I seriously wish, too, that they'd come out with these before Christmas. We get my mom an eMac. This was a maneuver known as the forced switch, in which we, as the de facto tech support for my mom, decided we were mad as hell and weren't supporting Windows anymore. Mom loves the new computer, loves that it doesn't break or give her weird error messages every five minutes. The only niggle she has with it is games don't all work perfectly, but I'm finding her some alternate games. Anyway, if the Mac Mini had been out a month and a half ago, we could have gotten two of those instead of one eMac, and my sister could have bitched a lot less about the hand-me-down* laptop we gave her for Christmas. That would have been awesome. In other news, you're apparently not supposed to eat the iPod shuffle. * The laptop, while not being a Mac, had very respectable specs and was completely useable except the battery was dead. So it was effectively a decent Windows desktop, given to her under the rationale that she's smart enough to not click 'yes' when ToolbarSpammer asks if it can install in her copy of Internet Explorer. Personally, if I got a computer for Christmas, I wouldn't complain, but that's just my over-developed sense of gratitude, I suppose.
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