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From The National Association for Gifted Children:
URGENT ALERT FOR APRIL 23 and 24 Senator Charles Grassley (Iowa) is offering an amendment on the Senate floor to S.761 that would stabilize funding for the Javits program by creating a dedicated funding stream. S.761 is legislation that addresses America's ability to compete in the global economy by focusing in part on math and science education and teacher training. The legislation also supports gifted students by aiding states in creating or expanding speciality math-science high schools, and by providing internships at the various national energy laboratories across the country. Senator Grassley's amendment would generate new income for the Javits program by increasing the H-1B visa fee, which is paid for by companies that hire highly skilled international workers typically working in specialty occupations such as engineering, computer programming, medicine and architecture. By allocating this income to the Javits program, Congress is investing in America's most advanced learners with the funds that companies use to invest in international workers. Please email your Senators today and urge them to support the Grassley H-1B visa amendment to S.761. You can find your Senator's email address (or web-based email address) at www.senate.gov.
Follow the link to get sample text you can use in emailing your Senator.
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