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Sonata Arctica

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Because it had to be published: 11:24:08 AM Ty: So this band, right? 11:25:34 AM Erica: yeah? 11:25:55 AM Ty: It's like, I'm trying to figure out how this band came into existence. 11:26:46 AM Erica: What band? 11:26:55 AM Ty: Name's Sonata Arctica. 11:27:24 AM Ty: Here's my best guess. 11:27:35 AM Ty: There are a bunch of Finns sitting around one day. 11:27:42 AM Ty: "Let's form a metal band," one of them says. 11:27:49 AM Ty: "But all we have is a piano," another one protests. 11:28:03 AM Ty: "And we don't know anything about how to write music," says another. 11:28:24 AM Ty: The first one solemnly considers this for a moment. 11:28:27 AM Ty: "OK," he says. 11:28:45 AM Ty: "We'll have to start with just having a piano, then. We can pick up some electric guitars and all that jazz later." 11:28:58 AM Ty: The second one interrupts. "And do we get rid of the piano then?" 11:29:07 AM Ty: "No," says the first one. "We keep the piano." 11:30:50 AM Ty: The third one says, "We still don't know how to write music." 11:30:58 AM Ty: The first one ponders this for a moment. "Well..." 11:31:11 AM Ty: "I have an idea!" says the piano detractor. 11:31:19 AM Ty: The two turn to him, waiting expectantly. 11:31:57 AM Ty: "Well," he explains. "For some unexplained reason, there's a renaissance faire in Helsinki next weekend. We can go ask the renfaire people." 11:32:10 AM Ty: The other two stare blankly. "What's a renaissance faire?" 11:32:25 AM Ty: And I'm convinced that that's basically how this band happened. 11:32:48 AM Ty: They're a English-speaking Finnish symphonic power metal band, very high on renfaire-ish melodies and piano. 11:32:57 AM Ty: Quite good, really. But very weird.
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