Louder, please: Nate Tseglin. (PLEASE REPOST.)

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I read this story earlier today - I thought it was a link from one of the autism-spectrum topic blogs I follow, but none of them appear to have been the actual source. The story is about Nate Tseglin, a kid who was apparently a successful, bright, happy kid who happened to have Asperger's. When he ran up against some road blocks in school - inappropriate class offerings, lack of sensitive counseling service, and so on (problems with which I'm only too familiar, even if I don't have Asperger's) - he started having problems with impulsive behaviors. The solutions he devised (such as a system of soft restraints which he would request to use when he felt like scratching himself, approved by his doctor) were unpalatable to the school; a teacher reported them to Child Protective Services.

What happened after is a complete failure of common sense and state restraint. Rather than repost the entirety of the history, I encourage you to go read it at Get Nate Home. Excerpt:

Get Nate Home

Step one: make enough noise that they can't get away with this. I'll figure out step two when I get that far.

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Hey - I lost your email addy. Can you email me? I thought I read on here at one point that you did a fundraising dinner, and I'm trying to find out how one goes about planning something like that. For the life of me I'm thinking it wouldn't be that hard, but I don't even know where to get started.


Every last one of these "child protectors" needs to be drugged and molested just like they do to the children they take from their parents!

I'm wondering why the Web site that contains updates has been disabled. Is that so that no one will know what happened to this boy? It's been over a month since March 11, and it's impossible to find out what has since happened to him. Is he dead? Or in a brain-dead coma from the treatment the staff gave him?

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