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To be followed by a more substantial talk about gardening and what I'm doing.

Is it bad when you need a map to know what's where?

Plantings, April 16, 2007


  • SSP - Sugar Snap Peas

  • Spin - Spinach

  • Mesc - Mesculun Blend (salad greens, basically)

  • Rosa - Rosalita Romaine lettuce

  • Gmt Lett - Gourmet lettuce blend

  • Carr TdP - Carrot, Tonda di Parigi variety

  • Carr Danv - Carrot, Danvers 126 variety

  • Carr Purp - Carrot, Purple Haze variety

  • Pot8 - Potatoes, Yukon Gold variety

  • Strw Berry - ...strawberries. :)

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Having only briefly flirted with the idea of gardening (and subsequently discovering that, as with so many other things, my interest therein was unrequited), I nonetheless vaguely remember some instructional document (either online or dead-tree) that *recommended* making such a map (although it might well have been fer the porpoises of the next of kin, should one pass away in midseason [grin]...)

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