The Quantum Tesla-Vance Effect

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Because you totally need more evidence:

4:41:16 AM Tesla: Michelina's has a mystery dish which they list on none of their website-type-things.
4:41:24 AM Tesla: It is cheesy potatoes and broccoli.
4:41:32 AM Vance: Is it good?
4:41:34 AM Tesla: It is worth the WHOLE DOLLAR FIFTY.
4:41:36 AM Tesla: ...
4:41:42 AM Vance: >.>
4:41:42 AM Tesla: You decide what that means. :)
4:41:47 AM Vance: I can't say much.
4:41:52 AM Vance: I freaking eat their alfredo sometimes for lunch. ;)
4:41:58 AM Vance: Which is like $1.05. ;)
4:42:00 AM Tesla: Yeah, well.
4:42:20 AM Tesla: Soda from the machines at school is $1.25, and I usually don't finish a whole one.
4:42:21 AM Vance: So it means... UPGRADE! ;)
4:42:23 AM Vance: Hee.
4:42:37 AM Tesla: So cheap.
4:42:42 AM Tesla: But it's at least not revolting.
4:43:10 AM Tesla: But the microwave process they prescribe does do the funniest thing to the potatoes.
4:43:22 AM Tesla: Namely, makes them just slightly - and I mean -very- slightly - rubbery.
4:43:40 AM Vance: Kinda like the noodles in the alfredo. ;)
4:43:50 AM Tesla: Ah, you know of this effect!
4:43:54 AM Tesla: We should name it.
4:43:59 AM Tesla: The Tesla-Vance Effect.
4:44:02 AM Tesla: Or Vance-Tesla.
4:44:05 AM Tesla: I'm not picky.
4:44:15 AM Vance: They likely make the potatoes and noodles out of the same stuff. ;)
4:44:26 AM Vance: Neither am I. Either-or works ;)
4:44:56 AM Tesla: Compromise:
4:45:23 AM Tesla: We can alternately call it The Quantum Tesla-Vance Effect and The Quantum Vance-Tesla Effect.
4:45:46 AM Tesla: When people ask us why we flip the names, we tell them that's the Quantum part, and their observation forced the moniker to 'take a stand'.
4:46:08 AM Tesla: BTW: That was hilarious if you both vaguely understand Quantum but not really and also hate it.
4:46:19 AM Vance: *snicker*

This semester has warped me so thoroughly.

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Erica - I just remembered your website, and I decided I had to drop you a line since I hadn't talked to you in about...well, about a year.

I hope you're doing alright. Have a good one!

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