Creative Goals

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  • Taking 12 credits this semester, rather than my typical 15-20. Sensible. Sane.

  • Teaching two sections of lab. Still sane.

  • Was not hired for the position at the new Apple retail store in town.

Given that my schedule this semester has stabilized into something eminently sane, I should actually have some decompression time. So, I have a few goals for this semester:

  • School: Finish those labs from last semester. For real. All the way.

  • Design: Get the blog redesign project I started done. All the way. It's really mostly done - I just need to convert to templates and make a few more decisions about how to display archives.

  • Photo: Take 100 photos per week. I have a camera which it is reasonable to carry around (the Casio EX-S600EO) with a freaking 2GB SD card; I no longer have any excuse not to go crazy with the taking of pictures.

  • Photo: Enter at least one contest at DPChallenge per month. (Why not use that for inspiration?)

  • Video: Get approved as a video stock contributor at iStockPhoto.

  • Writing: Write a substantial piece of short fiction. I'm not talking about serious "literary fiction" - I'm not even sure I know what that means, actually - I just mean something longer than the look-at-me-we-all-have-ADHD flash fiction I can bang out in a single sitting. A plot would be good. Characters required. I'm thinking 3,000-5,000 words. (I just know that if I can get one done, I'll have loosened up the knotty problem of how to turn my ideas into words.)

  • Music: Finish one of the songs I have started. I've got about six sitting around, each with about half of the lyrics written, an idea of the melody line for those lyrics... then nothing.

I think the overall idea here is very much like throwing spaghetti at a wall; I want to see what sticks. I do a lot of disparate stuff, and seeing what holds my attention when I genuinely have time for it seems like a good idea.

...and then there's the lab thing, which I threw in there as my own personal guilt-trip.

Any thoughts? Things I've mentioned to you or that you (knowing me like you do) think I want to be doing this semester that I've left out? Comment!

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from Alieniloquent: Blog on August 24, 2006 10:21 PM


**drool** I so want one of those cameras! I've been thinking about getting an Elf, but this might be a better option. I want something small that I can keep with me at all times. :)

I definitely recommend this one. The "best shot" modes are very instructive and actually yield good results. It also works fantastically in low light. (High noise, but low blur. I'll live with the noise for the type of shots I take in ultra-low-light, except for the really artsy stuff - then I'll grab my D70 and a tripod.)

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