Buy NewsFire, get Inquisitor Free

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Buy (or blog!) NewsFire, get Inquisitor Free:

This weekend only, if you buy NewsFire, the most beautiful RSS newsreader on the Mac, you will get a free license for Inquisitor, the instant search extension for Safari that makes searching the web just like using Spotlight.

Together, these two programs will transform your internet experience. This is a rare opportunity to get two top-notch applications for the price of one (saving 25%). Don't procrastinate - you only have two days!

(Alternately, do you publish a blog? Write about this and I'll send you an Inquisitor license as thanks! Just be sure to email me with the details.)

No kidding. NewsFire is the RSS reader I use, and I recommend it without reservation anyway. If you're on a Mac and you don't use it, grab it now.

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