At Least You’ve Got Your Health

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You know, this summer so far has been absolutely wonderful. Love, time off for relaxation, creative endeavors - I'm a happy girl.

But I would really love it if I could go an entire month without being sick - this body-ripping, congested, sore-throat, sore-everything kind of sick. I didn't sleep for more than 20 contiguous minutes last night, in spite of taking a nice healthy dose of Nyquil. After I drove Sam to work, I came to school, but I couldn't motivate myself to get out of the car. I wound up sleeping in my car for almost an hour, on and off, 80-degree heat making my mouth dry because I can't manage to breathe without it open right now but feeling like a blanket nonetheless.

Fuck you, summer colds. Fuck you a lot.

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Are you sure it's a cold and not an allergy attack? I've been the same way - getting sick over and over, and I thought it was just some stupid virus I couldn't get past - but the dr. told me it's actually allergies. Does NOTHING to make me feel better, but using allergy meds instead of cold meds did help.

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