Spring Break To-Do List, Updated

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I'll be crossing stuff off as I get it done. I have... nine days, and a total of eighteen items. I think I can do all of what I have to do, and a good deal of what I want to do, so yay!. First, the have-to-do's, in order of have-to-do-it-ness:

  • HOMEWORK: Write up four labs. Three of them were technically due last week, but they're really lenient about due dates for these.

  • TEACHING: Grade labs - four classes worth.

  • HOMEWORK: Optics, due 3/22.

  • HOMEWORK: Math Methods, due 3/24.

  • HOUSE STUFF: Fridge overhaul. Remove anything expired, green (as in, moldy) or unidentifiable.

  • HOMEWORK: Decide on a topic for my Optics term paper.

  • HOMEWORK: Start working on my Economics honors paper. Due 4/24, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to get less and less time to write stuff like this as the semester progresses, rather than more.

Then the want-to-do's, in order of want-to-do-it-ness:

  • PERSONAL: Neglect friends less. (You know who you are.) (Not that this can really be crossed off as "done", but I'm making good progress. It's not a particularly well-defined task or goal.)

  • PERSONAL: Work on the Protest Signs project. (Bought supplies and started on slogans for this. I'm satisfied that I can work on this in small spurts while in school, with this much out of the way.)

  • PERSONAL: Read Mark Haddon's "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time". (Review forthcoming.)

  • PERSONAL: Newestart design.

  • PERSONAL: Talk to Eric about photography for Mythos.

  • PERSONAL: Writing-foo.

  • HOUSE STUFF: Plan garden. Begin execution. (Sunday. Mom's coming over to lend her gardening brain.)

  • PERSONAL: Start reading Robert Nozick's "Anarchy, State, and Utopia". (Nozick's smart. I believe this may mark the first time I've gotten a book from a professor that I enjoyed. I'm working on the second chapter now, which is enough momentum to keep me going, I think.)

  • PERSONAL: Braindump at Sam about OpenNotes.

  • PERSONAL: Braindump at Tyler about Guilt.

  • PERSONAL: Sleep. Sleep as much as the rest will allow. (Sleep GOOD!)

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