Not Your Usual Cat Post

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The internet is for porn, they say, and blogs exist solely for the dissemination of information about the adorablee things cats do. Well, this is different.

See, one of my cats is doing something that is decidedly not cute or adorable in any way. He's recently reached maturity, and we hadn't taken him to get neutered yet, so he's been spraying. Everywhere. I can tell this isn't just what they call inappropriate elimination (indicating displeasure with litter box arrangements, though in fairness we could probably clean their box a bit more frequently) because it just started with spring, approximately when the kitten (Kolya or Nikola, depending what he peed on) reached maturity, and he only sprays on vertical surfaces. It's a territorial marking behavior.

So we've been having to keep him down in the basement where the litter box and the food is, which means we've also had to keep Neal and Five down there as well. We had an appointment set up for March 29 to have Kolya neutered.

But see, this also isn't just a rant. I miss my kitties. They're all downstairs, and I hear them at the door, scratching and head-butting it and meowing. I checked all their necessaries - food, water, litter - and it's all there. But they still want to come upstairs, and when I let them out, they might explore for a minute or two, but then they're all over me again, headbutting me and demanding attention. It's why it's so hard to leave them down there.

I feel like they love me.

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Ahh, but of course they do! It's what cats do on you while plotting their next course of action to drive you utterly CRAZY!! ;)

Agreed. When I was in college my housemates and I had a cat. She had the attitude of 'LoveYouLoveYouLoveYouLoveYou DIE!!!'. Man I miss that cat. I also have some friends that when I visit, the first thing he (Pudge the Cat) does when I sit down is jump into my lap, puts his paw on my face and touches noses. Too cute.

Ok, this is the oddest thing. I randomly followed a link here from an unrelated site, and for whatever reason that photo of you looks incredibly familiar. You didn't used to go to the University of Rochester, did you?

-Damon D.

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