Am I doing something wrong?

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I have friends who knit. Friends who knit a lot. I crochet. I've tried knitting; I find it clumsy and I can't imagine how one would vary the stitches to make patterns. I find crochet simple, and building new stitches and patterns on existing skills straightforward. I grok crochet "theory", if you like.

So a question for my knitter friends: am I doing something wrong? Is there some secret method that makes knitting magically delicious?

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I wish! I, too, have tried my hand at knitting, but am ever so much more adept at crochetting. I did get a new pattern from an internet friend recently, though, for a cable knit that she promises will be easy. Now I just have to find the time to try it. LOL! If I can find it, I'll send it to ya, if you want...

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