Faster, faster!

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Scientists got light to travel faster than c, the accepted speed of light. Apparently, this doesn't violate all that relativity stuff, but that's just more stuff that I don't understand yet. I hope to, eventually, of course.

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This is random... but I am going to recommend a movie to you. If you haven't already seen Primer (, you should check it out.

Here is how I stumbled across your blog (and subsequently felt compelled to leave a comment): I am currently sitting at my dining room table in a house in Portland, OR. I am a 25 year old student who has plans to study both philosophy and physics for the many years of my university experience I have ahead of me. Classes start in a few weeks, and being the sort of dorky "wants to be super prepared" sort of girl I am, I am brushing up on some of my math skills so that I can work through some of the problems in my physics textbook. While doing this, I am listing to some music which is now being tracked on (which I signed up on just days ago). I felt the urge to check my stats page, and noticed, for the first time that I had "neighbors." You were one, and happened to be the only name I clicked on. (Funny... we don't have much music in common, but I have very little so far, I imagine the results are far from accurate.) I noticed you are a science person as well... and so I poked around your blog for a bit... clicked on your husbands blog link and poked around there a bit. He is a programmer(?)... as is my boyfriend (who is currently sitting across from me working on his Ruby on Rails book). So, that's it. Not the most exciting story you ever heard, but I love little bits of synchronicity... so I guess my movie recommendation was just an excuse to say "I like science too! And my significant other is a programmer too! Whee!" You should check out the movie though... thinking about time travel is always fun... do you agree?

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