Samuel Tesla: The Base Unit of Automobile Attraction

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Still waiting.
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Sam got in a little accident. He's fine, the other guy's fine, everyone was insured in the com-pre-hen-sive sense of the word, and everyone was on best behavior. May have been the lowest-stress car wreck ever.

Of course, he can't drive his car now.

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4 Comments least everyone was alright. The car looks pretty trashed though when it pushed rear quarter panels into the doors... Ought to be hefty on the insurance. The guy who hit him must have been scootin'. On the other hand, at least same was the guy that got hit....speaking from experience, you'd much rather be hit that doing the hitting...I've done the hitting a few to many times.....

Glad to know that everyone was ok. I will project, however, that the full effects weren't felt until a day or 2 ago. If that's the case, let me know and I'll give you the name of my chiropractor. And if you need someone to handle the crap that accidents bring down legal-wise, I know someone good there, too.

Fortunately, a week later, I still feel fine, and there's no legal crap to deal with. Just down a car until I can afford to buy and license a new one.


This is James (Tesla Photography, James Michael, Photos!!) i have been looking all over for you. You weren't working at the same place. Email me

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