The Final Frontier (and HIGH RISK TRAVEL OMGWTFBBQ?)

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Have you all heard about the X PRIZE? (I'd assume so, but you know what they say about assumptions - they make an ass out of u, and mption.)

Alrighty, then. Did you know that 7 UP is giving away a free ride on one of the first commercial space flights?

It's one seat, it's sub-orbital, and the fine print says you have to sign a waiver (and possibly, a lot more forms) emblazoned with the fact that acceptance of the prize includes HIGH RISK TRAVEL (because it's not just high risk travel, it's HIGH RISK TRAVEL).

Knowing you couldn't go with your ( best friend | husband | wife | child | source of moral support ), that it is sub-orbital, and that it is in fact HIGH RISK TRAVEL - would you go?

(I would!)

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Tempting. It was always one of my dreams, as a child.

Although... it would feel like such a tease. I know few in my lifetime will even get to sub-orbital space, but I want to walk on another world, dammit.

In a heartbeat.


I dunno. I simply dunno. Flying is an awesome experience. I think that the Fear Factor&tm; might get in my way...

Commentage! At last!

Hell yes I would do it.

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