Fat Sunday

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With this crazy-ass schedule we've got going, you probably think we spend our weekend relaxing. Nosiree - we spend our weekend grocery shopping, cooking and eating.

I cooked a yummy pot roast in the crock pot yesterday (Saturday); there's two nice big helpings of that left.

A(n almost) measurement free recipe for fantastic roast:

Cut up enough onion (in big chunks) to cover the bottom of the crock pot. Add a nice tall glass of water; no need to be exact. If you have it, add a splash of gin. (I use Tanqueray.) Throw in some chopped garlic. I use a rounded tablespoon, but my love for garlic is probably unmatched - at least, off the set of Buffy. Rip open a package of onion soup mix and add that in, too. Throw the roast in on top of the little onion-platform you made. This'll make sure it doesn't burn on the hot ceramic. You can throw it in frozen, and it won't do any harm. Set the crock pot to low, and walk away. Go outside. Visit a friend. Leave it alone for three or four hours, then come back. Chop up a bag of celery and a bag of carrots (again, big chunky slices are the way to go); toss them in on top, and pour on a glass of red wine. A cheap (but drinkable) merlot, about $5, works great. Turn the pot up to high and let her cook for another hour or two. Make sure to eat it at some point after this.

IMPORTANT: Never, ever cook with wine or liquor you wouldn't drink. It always comes out wrong. The one exception is beer; Sam likes Guinness, which doesn't work well in most recipes, but neither of us like the typical keg-beer, which works great for cooking chicken and turkey.

Today, I made the Evil White Chili of Doom, which met with Sam's approval even though he claims he's sick of soup. If you didn't believe me that I make a lot, check out the picture. That's Sam's third bowl plus the leftovers, after I had three bowls and Corby had two. The three gallon stock pot was about an inch from being completely full. I know y'all want the recipe, but I only give it away to people who come over and share some. (You have to taste it to know if you've got it right, hee!)

Oh, and there's a double-dish (like in the square tupperware in the picture) still in the fridge, full of the 15-bean soup I was raving about a few days ago. We should be good for the week, with the occasional slice of toast or turkey sandwich thrown in.

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Novemberesque? Right about the time I come to Omaha any other time? Perhaps? Mabie? No? Ok. ;)

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