Takin’ Care of Bullshit

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Takin’ Care of Business: An entirely different angle on what's going on with Sam and I. I had to dispute no fewer than five sources of credit on each of the three reports, on top of loads of personal information they had wrong. Grrr.

Upside: Hopefully, moving into a house, this fall.

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If you want a good real estate agent I have a friend who does that and she would be willing to work hard for you. Thanks,

~ Brad

I wish you the best of luck in fixing your credit. I'm going through some of the same things myself. I'm not advertising this but check out some forums at http://www.artofcredit.com if you find yourself needing help. You can read some of the posts for some ideas to get a good backup plan when they don't do as they should.

Let me just say now that I hate you...in a loving way of course. I've been looking at houses for the longest time. But we're moving into an apartment next week...the house thing isn't in the finances (or credit for that matter) for at least a year.

Also at the mention of real estate agents, I work with a couple hundred here at NP Dodge, so let me know if you need my opinion or help.

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