From the Department of Really Unfortunate Advertisements Department

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Three Jimmy Dean employees talk about Jimmy Dean breakfasts.

Employee 1: "Jimmy Dean omelets are made from real eggs, 'cause that's how you make an omelet." Employee 2: "You can take a Jimmy Dean wrap anywhere, except places they don't allow Jimmy Dean wraps, and that's no-where you want to be."

Here's where it gets really disgustingly unfortunate.

Employee 3: "The eggs come from real chickens, the cheese comes from real cows, and the sausage comes from Jimmy Dean."

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my sausage does not come from jimmy dean. thank god.

Our meat here in Nebraska is clean and safe. Sausage-makers must comply with very stringent limits on including human flesh in their products. (Like insect parts and rat fur, a certain amount may be allowed because there is no practical way to completely eliminate them.) Perhaps the sausage in question has 'homeopathic amounts' of Mr. Dean in it; just enought to legally use the claim in advertising, but not enough to cause concern except among the very squeamish. Relax and enjoy your sausage!

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