On the other hand…

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Stay out of my fucking bedroom, Mr. Bush.

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Whoa...I was watching that speech (in an attempt to be open-minded) and don't recall what he might have said that would provoke that response. Unless it was about the whole "marriage is between one man and one woman and I hold that sacred" bullshit....

Do enlighten, please.

WHOOOO! Erica is back! Missed ya, kiddo!

That's *exactly* what it was about. I was honestly pretty impressed by the speech (in spite of a few niggles over some points where I disagree about him implementation of otherwise good ideas) until he started talking about gay marriage and abortion. Poor implementation of good ideas--well, that I can forgive. It's repairable. It's human. Bad ideas I can't. :???:

I went to see Louis Black tonight and he made a very good point; one that I will be blogging about either tonight yet or early tomorrow morning. Bush preys on prejudice (i.e. the gay marriage issue). Its a simple fact.

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