Forcing the Issue

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The U.K. government is forcing the issue of a fox-hunting ban. Apparently, some people over there are incensed over the 'cruel' activity. It's too bad that 'cruelty' is so much more justifiable when it's to humans...

On the other side, a lot of pro-fox-hunting folks aren't happy at all with Tony Blair over this. I wouldn't be, either. (Where does the U.K. government get off 'forcing through the legisation'? Isn't Britain supposedly something at least approximating a democracy?)

Elsewhere (i.e., France), this seems like a straight-up feminist talking point. :roll:

[Worth noting: foxes in Britain are considered vermin, as they are both plentiful and cause problems with sheep. Maybe we should steal the naysayers' mousetraps?]

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Haven't posted about it myself, but I've been following the fox hunting fight. You might want to check out this article in the Scotsman--it's predicting massive rural protests.

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